McDonald's Wrap Up

For 2 and a half years, I was part of the team that helped shifting McDonald's creativity in Brazil. In 2019 and 2020, McDonald's was considered one of the most creatives brands in the country. And in 2020, won the Client of the Year award both at the Brazilian Creative Club and Effie. Here is some selected work from this fun times:

McDonald's _ Bloco-Thru

We took McDonald's Drive-Thru to the streets during the most popular party in the world: the Brazilian Carnival.

McDonald's _ Pillowtray

We created a new product for McLovers. Meet "Almofadeja" (Pillowtray), the classic McDonald's' tray with a lap pillow so you can enjoy your McDelivery without stains on the couch.

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McDonald's _ The Great Cheddar Dip

Now you can order a ‘Cheddar Pool’ on McDonald’s. Enough said.

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McDonald's _ The Experiment

Is McCraving a real thing? Let our brains do the talking. We ran a scientific experiment proving that hunger for McDonald's is defferent from hunger for burger.

McDonald's _ #Flurryzone

During Valentine's month, Fábio Júnior, the Brazilian Don Juan, helped people getting out of the much-feared friendzone. A social campaing that, on the way, also sold a bunch of the new McFlurry flavour.

McDonald's _ Surra de Picanha

McDonald's _ Picanha Bacon Crispy

McDonald's _ CBO

McDonald's _ #BoMéquiDeOlinda

McDonald's_ Deals 2019

Spots that promoted McDonald's new deals and launched Marcão, the character that was a hit in Brazil and would appear in many other brand's ads.


McDonald's_ Deals 2020

Spots that promoted McDonald's new deals and brought Marcão back.

McDonald's _ Marcoach

McDonald's _ Grand Big Mac

McDonald's _ The Most Epic Unboxing on the Internet

We unboxed the largest, most modern and most interactive McDonald's in Brazil. And broadcasted everything live on Facebook.